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A collage of Israel Photography

reasons why I love this video:

a) I should be sick of filters, but the colors in this are so nice I don’t even care

b) You feel like these are your best friends, and that these are your own memories. And then you want to go outdoors

c) This reminds me of hiking the Negev in Israel

d) it avoids both the “cliche, self-indulgent, hipster video” and the “boring, self-indulgent travel video”

e) the music

f) the editing


One Neve Tsedek #telaviv #favoriteneighborhood (at Neve Tzedek Tower (מגדל נווה צדק))


One Neve Tsedek #telaviv #favoriteneighborhood (at Neve Tzedek Tower (מגדל נווה צדק))

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Not to be one of those annoying people on the internet, but I am so filled with weird happiness right now that I feel I must make a list of the awesome things in life right now:

Adobe suite and the endless possibility of new creative softwares

discount on said adobe suite

rock climbing

the sun setting after 6:00 p.m.

almost the end of winter

my job

friends who warm my soul with their kindness and hilarity

playing music together

maybe going back to Israel?

my sisters and parents

just everything

And that concludes this episode of annoying happy people on the internet. Thanks for putting up with me

There are new pieces up on Etsy, rejoice! Also, an updated profile

There are new pieces up on Etsy, rejoice! Also, an updated profile

Hanoch Piven || חנוך פיבן

Hanoch Piven is an Israeli caricature artists who is known for his creative portraits made out of a variety of materials. Some of his work is satirical, while others are just whimsical. 

More recently he has started a large project, a large mural of crowd-sourced mural at Beth Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv.

Piven travels to communities where he leads a workshop creating the individual pixels for this mural. Families create works of art which are then photographed and minimized for use in the larger mural. The lower section in the picture above has not been completed, and our community will be one of those to help fill it in! 

Here are some of our community’s art works that I got to photograph for Piven. 

It was a really fun to take part in this project. Make sure to check out this mural after it’s completion in Tel Aviv. It’s got quite a story.


You get a job and suddenly there is no time for anything else.

So I may have disappeared from all art-related social media for the last six months. My facebook pagewebsite and behance account have not been updated much in that time, I’m sorry about that. (But I did take up rock climbing so at least i have arm muscles to show for the last six months)

ANYWAY. A few updates. 

1) My friend Tazia Lemay has launched a website so I feel the world deserves to see her work. She is super talented and I can’t wait for her to do more.

2) My job is to create media content for a school here in Milwaukee. Thus I feel like I’m creative every day, but not much of it goes outside the school community. More on that later.

3) Music is back in my life as I have returned to my soul’s place of comfort, a camp here in Wisconsin where my friends and I make music every weekend. 

4) Rock climbing. A sport I finally like. I feel like a ninja, I’ve been able to do something active during the coldest-frickin-winter that I can remember.

So essentially all of these are excuses as to why I haven’t been drawing. Seasons in life come and go. There will be more work. Drawing has a pretty close correlation to how involved I am in Israel. Speaking of that, people keep asking and I don’t know when I’ll be back. It’s still in my heart, so as soon as I feel I know where I’m going, I’ll probably be more inclined to draw about it. (I did make a super-cool pinterest board that has most of my favorite places in Israel, complete with a nice map for your next trip there, so there’s that)

I hope to have more updates by the end of the weekend, quite a lot has happened over the winter. Check back soon!